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 Races: Donesquian

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Races: Donesquian Empty
PostSubject: Races: Donesquian   Races: Donesquian EmptyFri Aug 31, 2018 5:27 pm

The Realm of Donesque is a world which closely resembles the mythical 'Garden of Eden' with its flourishing flora which makes up most of the realm itself. Donesque is known mostly for it's well-trained race of people, the Donesquian's- powerful warriors who closely resemble the mortals roaming Earth. The Donesquian's, however, are skilled in combat and blessed with magical attributes stemming from their surroundings- better known as 'the mystique of Donesque.'

RP Status 1:
• Maxed out Combat
• Super-speed
• Enchant Item

RP Status 2:
• Transmogrification
• Inflict Confusion
• Create Portal to Place

RP Status 3: 
• Create Portal to Player
• Energy Absorption
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Races: Donesquian
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