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 Races: Angarian

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PostSubject: Races: Angarian   Races: Angarian EmptyFri Aug 31, 2018 5:27 pm

It is known to all that there are four main elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Water but one element that is almost often disregarded is Quintessence, known in Greek Mythology as Aether. This element was said to be located within celestial regions and within heavenly bodies, and it is through the release of this essence after the All's descent upon Earth that is said to have created the Angarians, a breed of Guardian Angels who use Quintessence to protect, guide and heal agents of good. The Angarians, due to their celestial and ethereal actuality, reside in the Upper Realm which exists outside the normative bounds of the earthly realms and is only accessible by their kind. Angarians are known for their regenerative and healing properties, meaning there are only a few ways to kill such beings: one is to attack after they are stripped of their celestial qualities and rendered mortal, and the second is by exposing them to a toxin known as Krainoxide.

RP Status 1:
• Regeneration
• Quintessence Teleport Short
• Heal Player
• Sense Aura Player
• Telekinesis Object
• Telekinetic Pull

RP Status 2:
• Quintessence Teleport Long
• Quintessence Teleport Place
• Sense Aura Long
• Aether Ball
• Telekinesis Player

RP Status 3:
• Quintessence Teleport Long with Players
• Quintessence Teleport Place with Players
• Sense Aura Surroundings
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Races: Angarian
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