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 Races: Xeenanian

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PostSubject: Races: Xeenanian   Races: Xeenanian EmptyFri Aug 31, 2018 5:46 pm

Greek Mythology tells profoundly of dangerous yet beautiful creatures who used their enchanting voices to lure sailors to their death, the Sirens. However, what Greek mythology fails to mention is the origin of such a creature- the Xeenanians. The first Xeenanian was a mortal woman, a woman who unfortunately fell in love with a man whose heart lay elsewhere. Disdainful, the woman became hell-bent on wreaking havoc on whichever men fell for her seductive nature. With age, her beauty began to fade, and so she would contact a Sorcerer who would gift her with fair skin and youthful attributes to compliment her voice. As time progressed, her unholy characteristics were passed on to scorned women through the melody of her screams- transmuting them into a race of dangerous temptresses with the thirst for male attention.

RP Status 1:
• Lure Player
• Lullaby

RP Status 2:
• Lure Surroundings
• Sonic Lift
• Manipulate Voice

RP Status 3: 
• Static Scream
• Shield Shatter
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Races: Xeenanian
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