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 Rank: Sagacious Assembly

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PostSubject: Rank: Sagacious Assembly   Rank: Sagacious Assembly EmptyFri Aug 31, 2018 5:51 pm

Name of Rank: Sagacious Assembly
Required Race: Angarian
Required Gender: Male/Female
Required RP Status: 3

Due to proliferation of the magical community, a congregation of experienced and powerful Angarians, equipped with the mastery of Quintessence, set up a a ministry known as the Sagacious Assembly in which they recruit and dismiss Angarians as they see fit. Their main purpose for existence is to maintain balance within the Upper Realm and to safeguard the greater good. Due to their importance in the grand scheme of existence, they remain mostly in the Upper Realms to preserve their energy, only intervening when they deem it necessary. While the Sagacious Assembly is a known force of good, they do not hesitate in being ruthless and enforcing punishment if obligated.

Rank Powers:
- Voice Echo
- Voice Manipulation
- Heal Surroundings
- Aether Repel Players
- Invisibility
- Summon Good
- Call all Angarians
- Advanced Telekinesis
- Strip Celestiality
- Imbue Celestiality
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Rank: Sagacious Assembly
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