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 Rank: Holy Priest/ess

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Rank: Holy Priest/ess Empty
PostSubject: Rank: Holy Priest/ess   Rank: Holy Priest/ess EmptyFri Aug 31, 2018 5:52 pm

Name of Rank: Holy Priest/ess
Required Race: Any
Required Gender: Male/Female
Required RP Status: 2

A Holy Priest/ess, the counterpart to a Dark Priest/ess, aims to bind couples together through the use of good magic, marrying the couple under the protection and love of light. They bestow a great blessing upon those they initiate as husband and wife, and this allows their love to grow stronger everyday.

Rank Powers:
- Telekinesis (Click&Drag)
- Telekinesis Object
- Telekisis Player
- Telekinetic Repel Players 
- Telekinetic Repel Projectiles
- Telekinetic Pull
- Enchant Item
- Marry Players 
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Rank: Holy Priest/ess
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