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 Rank: FORM Agent

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PostSubject: Rank: FORM Agent   Rank: FORM Agent EmptyFri Aug 31, 2018 5:54 pm

Name of Rank: FORM Agent
Required Race: ANY
Required Gender: ANY
Required RP Status: 2

With Mortals having discovered magical occurrences, a governmental task force known as FORM was initiated and tasked with tracking the existence of magic and any other unexplained phenomena in a means to either contain and control it, or stop it completely. FORM now has its own secret base located beneath the university with only a fair few who aren't part of FORM knowing the location of the entrance. The FORM Chief calls all the shots while the Agents do their best to locate, imprison and potentially execute any magical users. Their main goal is the rid Earth of any supernatural beings and protect humanity.

Rank Powers:
- FORM Arrest (Places an opponent in magic-restricting handcuffs)
- Transfer Player to FORM
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Rank: FORM Agent
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