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 Rank: Duskvale Descendant

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Rank: Duskvale Descendant Empty
PostSubject: Rank: Duskvale Descendant   Rank: Duskvale Descendant EmptyFri Aug 31, 2018 5:57 pm

Name of Rank: Duskvale Descendant
Required Race: Sorcerer
Required Gender: Male/Female
Required RP Status: 3

Millenniums ago a great force known as the All crashed into the Earth in the form of a meteor, causing it to manifest within several mortal beings. The All affected different people in diverse ways and advanced uniquely in every person, causing many a species to be created. As time went on the All began to die out, those who harboured it weren’t able to control it and the history books noted it as an epidemic that could not be explained; an epidemic that took place in the 1200s. As the strand of DNA grew rare, those who contained it were forced into hiding, culled for their supernatural abilities they decided that their kind would have to remain hidden forever. However, a unique collection of humans created a community of beings who practised pagan ways, and eventually they reawakened the essence of the All which had been dormant for centuries. Years passed and the All had infected the mortals, creating a new breed branded by many as the 'Sorcerers'- eventually causing a divide in alignments- with the Magnoesse family leading the Good and the Duskvale family leading evil.

As the years passed, the Magnoesse family continued to multiply until eventually, a renown Seer prophesied that three siblings would be born, each under a full moon. Upon the birth of the third sibling, they would be regarded as the strongest Sorcerers and in due course would be destined to protect the world from evil.

While the same was expected of the Duskvale descendants, the eldest sibling sought control, strength and might which consequently led to the slaughter of their siblings in an effort to harvest their powers. While this rendered the Duskvale prophecy null, it placated the descendant as one of the most feared and powerful force of evil known to man- allowing them to rally the evil beings under their rule.

Rank Powers:
- Ability to brew Potions
- Evil Smoke Teleport
- Summon Evil
- Transmogrification
- Possess Player
- Pyrokinetic Projectile
- Ignite Player
- Ignite Object
- Inferno Beam
- Telekinesis Object
- Telekinesis Player
- Telekinetic Blast
- Telekinetic Choke
- Telekinesis (Click&Drag)
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Rank: Duskvale Descendant
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