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 Races: Oceanid

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PostSubject: Races: Oceanid   Races: Oceanid EmptyFri Aug 31, 2018 5:30 pm

The Oceanids, a breed of half-aquatic and half-mortal beings, reside within the hidden depths of the oceans and are known to possess the power of Hydrokinesis. For centuries mortals believed in, and attempted to prove, the misguided rumours surrounding their existence with myths such as the Loch Ness Monster and Merfolk stemming from their existence. It is believed that this species came to be after a fragment of the All plunged to the bottom of the ocean and unintentionally fused together the lost corpses of a mortal and an array of aquatic animals. Having been imbued with such power, the reanimated creature propagated at high speeds until a new world order found itself emerging within the seas, this kingdom would come to be known to mortals as the 'Lost City of Atlantis.' While some Oceanids fear venturing out beyond the comfort of their kingdom, some have attempted, and successfully, made their way to the shore and beyond, exploring the many realms at their disposal. Like the mortals they partly-originate from, an Oceanid can align themselves with the greater good, or the forces that oppose it.

RP Status 1:
• Ability to breathe in Atlantis
• Tidal Teleport Short
• Water Ball
• Transform into Puddle
• Oceanid Communication

RP Status 2:
• Tidal Teleport Long
• Tidal Teleport Place
• Hydrokinetic Entrapment

RP Status 3: 
• Tidal Teleport Long with Players
• Tidal Teleport Place with Players
• Water Vortex
• Water Beam
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Races: Oceanid
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